We will show you how an

event should be planned


We have extensive knowledge, experience and contacts to help brides put together their dream wedding. Our wedding coordinators will help guide you through the entire process, to make sure the big day runs smoothly.

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Festivals and Expos

Our festivals and Vendor Expos are used to promote local companies, direct sales consultants, crafters, and many other businesses. We plan festivals and expos, as well as host them!

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The Stephanie Lynn Foundation aims to ease the important transition for young adults from childhood to adulthood by providing the basic necessities to help ensure their success.

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Our Process

Take a general look at the process that we use when we implement a new project


Present us with your event idea. Whether a large festival or small wedding, we hear your vision


We take your idea and fill it with amazing details


All details are reviewed with you to assure maximum satisfaction


Your idea has now turned into an amazing event your guests won't stop talking about


Ready to take your idea and make it into something great?

We want to assure you are fully satisfied your event. Talk with us today to see how we'll do that.